Melody Montclair

Author of the Fleet Week series, and purveyor of fine smut. Melody has appreciated the varied sinful delights found between the pages of smutmance novels ever since spending most of high school and college in various long-distance relationships. Although, if you want to get technical, her dirty mind probably originated in freshman year Band Camp. yes, she played flute.

You can stalk Mel on Twitter @melodymontclair or check out her Author Profile on Amazon. Or, if you have any questions/complaints/free candy, her email address is melodymontclair(at)gmail(dot)com.


Fleet Week (Fleet Week #1):

fleet_week_fullsizeWhen shy Midwestern transplant Gina gets dragged out to Fleet Week, NYC’s hookup central, she expects to spend the night avoiding eye contact with annoying drunks. Instead she meets Tom, a Southern gentleman turned Navy sailor, who talks literature with her while their friends get schwasted. But he’s only in town for one week, then he’ll be sailing out of her life forever.

Gina’s not normally the type to start something she can’t finish. And Tom keeps insisting he doesn’t want to drag her into his “mess,” whatever that means. But when they strike on the perfect solution ― one week of total abandon before they part ways forever ― even practical, tight-laced Gina finds it hard to resist…

Published by Velvet Pony Press, May 31st, 2013.

Buy now from Amazon for just $2.99!

Anchors and Spurs (Fleet Week #2)

More details to come!


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